5 Tips to Help You Start Burning Fat

1.  Nutrition – Eat every 2-3 hours to stoke your metabolism.  I suggest by starting a log of what you are currently eating.  Lose it! has a great app to keep track of your nutrition.

2.  Know your Resting Heart Rate so you can calculate your target heart rate.   This will help with #2.  Click to learn how to measure your resting heart rate.   This is also a good way to take the focus off how many lbs you are losing or not losing.  Losing weight should be considered a bonus not the focus.

3.  Start exercising with short duration, intense exercise like HIIT.  HIIT is when you keep your heart rate at about 72% then throughout the workout you spike to 85%.  Take sprinting for example.  Sprinting is a great full body workout – abs, quads, flutes, arms.  Sprint a mild hill for 30-40 seconds.  At the top you will probably reach your 85% max heart rate.  Walk down the hill to recover (approx. 20 seconds) then sprint again.  Sprint 7 times or until 20 minutes have passed.  Do this type of workout only 3 x’s a week.  Why?  Because you will actually have a negative reaction otherwise (too much stress for your body).

4.  Get some really good quality sleep.  8-10 hours a night.  This is important for your body to reset and start a new day.  Eat your last meal within a 12 hour period from your last meal of the previous day. Example:  First meal at 7:30am, last meal from the previous day at 7:30pm).

5.  Add restorative work to your routine.  Exercise is the Yin (heat), restorative work is the Yang (cool).  The restorative work keeps your body in balance.


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