Progress, Not Perfection

Almost one year ago I started with the intention to work on my handstand. I’m talking from scratch. Never before had I done a handstand, not even as a child. I could do a cartwheel so tried to focus on that ability as a positive.

Little by little I have been practicing and have come a long way. Most of what was holding me back was fear. Fear of the unknown. Would I fall? Would I not be able to hold myself up? Fear because my body didn’t know what I wanted it to do. I still hold onto some fear but feel like I’ve taken the first steps of “shedding the fear” and it feels good. I fell lighter but stronger.

Not all things have to come to us right away. If you give in to the process you will see progress.

Progress is not about an all or nothing mindset. Life doesn’t work in a black and white world. Progress is about being consistent to see results.

Let’s make things happen!



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