Is a Paleo Diet Wreaking Havoc on Your Cravings?

For those of you having a difficult time sticking to a strict Paleo Diet, try adding BCAA‘S.

The Paleo Diet is strict in the sense that it requires no grains or dairy. I do admire parts of the diet that show us how unhealthy we humans have evolved into to.  The diet is based on what our ancestors ate and is the diet our genes and metabolism is most aligned with (lots of lean wild animals, plants, nuts, seeds, tubers and some fruits).  You can get major results from following a Paleo diet, but some people have a difficult time following because of the compensatory reactions from following this low carb diet.

BCAA’s is a supplement that can make this approach much easier to stick to, branched chain amino acids (BCAA) supplements. BCAA supplements work on several levels; 1. decreased cravings and hunger signals at the level of the brain,  2. spared muscle loss, and 3. provide key elements in glucose metabolism through the ability to modulate both glutamine and alanine, amino acids key in the production of glucose.

Try this:
5g for the first 100 pounds, then 5g for each additional 50 pounds. If you are working out with heavy weights or long-duration cardio, add another 5g throughout (pre-, during, and/or post workout). So your BCAA intake is depending on training level, carb intake and/or cravings.


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