5 Tips to Help Survive a Candy-Hangover


Ok. Who overdid it in the candy department yesterday? I’m not as crazy about candy as I am with cakes, brownies, cookies…so I did ok.  My posts during Thanksgiving and Christmas may be different.

Tash Tips for surviving leftover candy syndrome or a Candy Hangover:
1. If you did find yourself gobbling (no pun intended towards Thanksgiving) up your leftover candy – DONATE IT, THROW IT AWAY, GIVE IT TO YOUR NEIGHBORS…just get it out of the house. I would normally say have 1 or 2 pieces then discard but I’m assuming you ate so much candy already that it’s now talking to you. So get rid of it.

2. Don’t beat yourself up. If you hear “I am disgusted in myself, I’m so upset with myself…” stop it. It happened in the past, all you can do is support yourself in the present. Which is do something healthy for yourself – #3.

3. Go for a leisure walk, read a book, take a hot tub, or long shower, hang out with your dog/kids/infant (not always in that order, lol). All those suggestions release “feel good” hormones to combat stress and get your mind off the candy.

4. Get the heck out of dodge! Run for the hills! Get out of your house or where ever the trigger food is. Go run any errands (not food related) now.  Get your mind off the candy.

5. Eat a healthy meal, something light (salad with chicken breast, unsweetened yogurt with berries (to satisfy your sweet tooth) to get you back on track. Maybe it’s just a green drink or a protein shake. What ever it is, your fat loss is only one meal away.


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