Top 6 Fitness & Nutrition Recommendations

1. To “get a killer workout” is not the goal. Not every workout will be killer and that’s ok. Every day is different, the amount of sleep you get is different, your stresses on a daily basis are different, you get the gist. Your goals should be based on your specific imbalances and how you can bring your body to a place of homeostasis.

2. If you had the choice to workout or prep your food for the week. I recommend supermarket shopping and food prepping.

3. Weight training is way more efficient and beneficial over just cardio.

4. Opt for a certified personal trainer to help you devise a workout with a purpose.

5. You do not have to work out for 45 minutes, or even an hour to see results. Nutrition is your #1 defense and the workout should be short and sweet, 20-30 minutes tops.

6. Flexibility training is key for those whose bodies are more stable. Not as important for those whose bodies are hyper flexible. More focus on stability training is necessary.

My overall guideline is listen to your body, you know it best! There is no **THE best workout** out there. You need to do what feels good and a workout routine and nutrition specific to your body’s needs.


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