Show love and self-care by mindful eating

Overeating and stuffing your belly is a form of disrespecting yourself.  Instead try loving yourself by mindful eating.  

Here are some tip I use constantly at each meal.  I do my best to really feel the entire process of eating so I don’t overdo it.  

Find a way that works for you to be grateful for the food you are about to eat.  I like to give thanks by myself or with my family.  

Savor your food before eating, smell, feast your eyes on what you are about to eat – colors, shapes, textures.

Create each sitting as an experience instead of a ‘stuffing’.

Sit at the table while you eat more often than you stand, walk or eat in the car.

As you savor your food let your saliva produce in your mouth.  This saliva will assist in breaking down the food you eat to further ease digestion.  This will also slow you down from chowing down.

Constantly assessing your stomachs fullness (or satiety) on a scale of 1-10.  You want to keep your belly at a 3/4/5.  1 is empty stomach, 5 is starting to feel heaviness, distention, uncomfortableness (ie, thinking about opening pants button) in the belly and 10 is keeled over in pain by belly stuffing.

Try this at your next meal to start developing your body aware through mindful eating.  Please post if you have any of your own tips to share.

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