Nutrition Myth #1

Myth #1. As long as you eat the right foods in the right amounts, you’ll lose weight and ensure good health.

Rolls off the tongue as scientifically sound but it’s caused way more damage than good.  We can eat the healthiest of foods, I mean there is a new superfood coming out almost every month – that’s another conversation, but if we eat too fast with anxiety or stress our body will naturally lower our metabolic burning capacity and digestive strength (adding even more stress if you are just counting calories to fit into a bathing suit for summer and not enjoying and feeling grateful for the food you are about to eat).    Another important piece to add is the body is not a calculator, therefore eating a ‘balanced’ meal by following the latest and greatest diet plan is not really your answer if you are wanting freedom, ease and peace with the battle of the bulge. In that case, we need to gain back our natural rhythms.

How do you gain back your natural rhythms you ask?

1.   Take time slowing down at meal time.  Preparing, plating, praying, consuming.

2.  Choose healthy foods (we all know what is healthy – real, fresh, organic foods not packaged) based on your palate, what your body tells you what it wants/needs.

3.  Following multiple cookbooks is a great way to help inspire great meals.

4.  Not every meal will be satisfying on all levels.  This is where the practice comes in.  Taking note of what meals don’t fit the bill so you don’t repeat.

5.  Caffeine, sugar and alcohol are culprits at creating a seesaw effect with our natural rhythm.  Choose wisely.

6. Information is everywhere, to our demise, which makes figuring out what your body needs an even more complex task.  Start focusing on one day’s consumption and everything that worked in that one day and everything that didn’t work.  Life is already complicated enough, it is our choice to add food/nutrition to this already long list.

I hope this gives you some tools to use for those questioning how to practice finding ‘your balanced meal’.  As always keep the lines of communication between you and your heart open to be able to make your best food decisions.



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