Nutrition Myth #2

Myth #2

The reason you eat too much {insert your vice} is lack of willpower.
Your willpower has an endpoint.  You eat a healthy breakfast then the rest of the day is down the tubes.  You start healthy at the beginning of the week then start crashing and burning by the weekend.  Willpower is finite.  It is exhaustable. By end of the night or week that willpower is gone.  It is not everlasting.  You cannot solely rely on your willpower to stay away from taboo foods or to eat just the right amount of food.  We overeat not because we’re weaklings, or that we are broken and need to be fixed, or we have a problem, but because we’re physiologically driven to do so when our meals are deficient in relaxation, time, pleasure, awareness, and high-quality food.
Here are some Mindful Eating Tools for you;
Aask yourself, do you take your time when you eat or do you eat fast and ravenously.  Do you sit down when you eat?  Do you pray or say that you are grateful for your food and the path it took before eating?  Do you smell and appreciate the textures and colors (opening up the senses) of your food before eating?  Do you eat mindfully enjoying each bite slowly before swallowing?  Do you make a beautiful place for yourself to eat (lighting a candle even if you are by yourself, a beautiful place mat, napkin or charger, beautiful music…)?
These are very simple tools to use when you eat even if you are not at home.  These tools will help you replace, push out and start your journey, your practice with {insert your bad habit here} like sugar, alcohol, overeating…and replace it with intention.  Don’t resist it, just do it.  Just like our body, our minds seek the path of least resistance (meaning we choose to do what is easiest and most convenient but in reality it pushes us further and further away from our connection with ourselves, causing all kinds of damage along the way).  Choose one and incorporate it at your next meal.
Please post the mindful eating tool you chose and how it changed your meal.
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