Surviving Halloween!

The holidays are approaching and Halloween is right around the corner.  This may be a tough time for some, the beginning of the end.  I don’t want you to dread the holidays, so how can you become friends with it?

Here are some tips for you:

  1.  {Insert name} meet Halloween, Halloween meet {Insert name}.  Don’t feel like you can’t acknowledge that Halloween is in the air.  Recognize and make yourself become more aware of it and “friend” it.  Even recalling past Halloween’s where you were so dissatisfied with yourself and your inability to maintain composure around a bite-sized snickers bar will help you this season.  Remember what didn’t work so you can get clear on what will work.  **It is super important to not berate or judge yourself for your behavior in the past.  Just acknowledge.  This is a process.
  2. Allow yourself 4 pieces of bite size candy throughout the season.  You can decide if you want to save it all for one night or eat the candy on separate days prior to Halloween.  But don’t neglect yourself.  There is no food that you CANNOT have.  Enjoy and savor each bite as you would a just opened bottle of fine wine.  Only you know the answer (how many pieces you need and can handle before you go hating on yourself) to this.  Maybe you need to completely stay away from the candy – you know yourself best so really tune into what it is that YOU need to be successful this Halloween season.
  3. Don’t purchase your candy until the day of Halloween – just make sure you have acknowledged any feelings towards candy before this time or you will go Toll-House on the bags of just-purchased-candy in your car.  And make sure you have a full stomach prior to purchasing your bags of candy.
  4. Last but not least, come join me for my Pre-Holiday Renewal Clean Eating Program.  I will have 50+ recipes breakfast, lunch and dinners, suggested meals, shopping lists, daily email support, a private facebook group to share and lots more! We start Nov 9th, with our Phase 1 prep phase starting Nov 5th (optional) – so sign up now so you can get your head straight with getting on track and staying on track after Halloween and before the other holidays.

Let’s put more happiness into the Holidays instead of discomfort!


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